an improvised paranormal comedy web series


“Look Out Now” – Season 2 Finale!

It’s FINALLY here!

Relle and Nico face off.

Watch through the credits for a special message from Josiah and Zach.

“Die Rennenden Lolas” – Episode 8

Happy Halloween everyone! This new episode features a slew of cameos from our friends:  Tim Jones Yelvington, Katharine Goktuna, Travis Hale, Natalie Daniels, Stephen Kropa, Eleanor Ray, C. Dylan Plummer, Christopher Woolsey, Jonald Reyes, Davey Wo, Ross Middleton, Jake Huzenis, and Rob Palmerin.

Enjoy! Finally!

Maybe you can spot our co-director/editor Ward Crockett in one of the party scenes?!?


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